Filipino Dating and the Filipino Girl

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Is it really possible to find a Filipino Girl who will honestly want to marry you and love you for the person you are, warts and all.  Guys let me be the first to tell you in case you haven’t already heard.  The answer is yes.  Filipinas want a nice caring person who will love them, just the same as anyone else.  They also have the added burden of 90% of them growing up in crushing poverty.

In addition, all Filipinas are all predisposed to think of you in the vein of Daddy Warbuck’s off Annie.  To them you are loaded, just by the fact that you are from America and can get the heck over to her country.  Filipino Dating is the real thing and if you treat her right, you too can bask in the warm glow of Filipino love, when your Filipino girl puts her heart in your hands.  But be warned her family is going to be living in squalor and suffering.  She won’t be able to stop herself from asking the love of her life to help out when the parents or siblings are in a bind. If this is a deal breaker get ready to move on.  On the other hand, if it isn’t a deal breaker, when you’re Filipina does ask for your help, how do you know it’s not a scam.

That said, there are also a few other things to keep in mind.  Marriage for instance.  Marriage in the Philippines is different from marriage in America.  In America, if you and your honey want to get divorced, and you both agree, its slam bam thank you mam.  In the Philippines, you can only get annulled which is pretty close to divorced but there’s a year or two of mandatory counseling, and that’s if both side agree.

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Also, marriage in the Philippines is no guarantee the American Government will let you bring your Filipino Girl to the states.  It makes sure the two of you are married but it is incredibly hard to get out of, if for instance she is denied a visa and you can’t come live with her for another decade or two.  I really recommend a Fiancee visa, and marrying her in America, unless you can commit to staying in the Philippines.

There are many good dating sites in the Philippines. Filipinas can be found in droves on or  Honestly just do a google search and you’ll find the top rated sites. Find the one that works best for you.  Be ready for a woman from a culture where divorce isn’t an institution but be warned, going to America will expose her to all those 1st world corrupting ideas, so just plan to treat her right from the very start and she will take care of you.

Filipino Culture and the Cheap DVD

When you go to the Philipines, you will be surprised at the plethora of Filipinas with cheap DVD’s.  The cost on the street is 30 pesos to 60 pesos (about $60-$1.40) for a TV series like Dexter, Ringer, or any other top end movies series. Filipinas can find them all and bring them back home for you or you can go out and find it for yourself.

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The sad thing is that these DVD’s aren’t technically legal.  Filipino culture embraces movie piracy in all its forms. Which is why you need to be aware that if it looks like a price too good to be true, that means it probably is. Electronic piracy is almost a Filipino religion.  Most of my experience is in Cebu and Manila and I can tell you that Cebuanas are no different from the rest of the Filipinas you’ll encounter.

If you have a Filipina woman and are looking to purchase DVD’s to bring back home.  I.E. out of the country, you need to have your Filipina take you to the ‘real dvd’ stores, often found in large super malls.  Smaller malls and streetside businesses cater almost exclusively to the Pirated side of the street.

That said whether its legal or illegal you can find just about any DVD or TV series here in the Philippines.  This is a nation wide craze with all things TV and English.  Sure they have their native shows but Filipinas, Cebuanas, etc, whatever native group you are referring to.  They all love TV and since 1500-2000 pesos for a TV series is about half a monthly wage…

So once again Filipino culture might say its okay to buy and use these DVD’s but its illegal.  Filipinas might be able to get away with owning and keeping shelves full of these movies but if you are from another country, watch out and make sure you don’t take that set of movies gifted you by your Filipina woman and her family, unless and until you know for sure if you will be okay bringing it through customs.

The Success of Finding Singles in Filipina Dating

There will always be different types of Filipina singles. Like any other girl in the world, a Filipina can also be traditional, sweet, submissive, hardworking, crazy, cam girl and gold digger. Some ladies will be amazing and some have attitude differences.

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The success of finding singles for love and relationship depends on how you make a contact with each other. In every conversation one gets to know each other and build a friendship that becomes a good foundation of a more serious relationship. Know that handsome man or that cute Filipina girl in your search. Send interest, messages and chat messages to reach out. That is a great start of that dream relationship you longed desire.

You can visit your Fipina girl or girlfriend on a short trip to the Philippines to know her personality and attitude more. Meet with her family. That’s a big plus points but please don’t send them money for help if you are not yet married.

Here are useful tips to avoid scam in any online dating sites. Most of the scammers (man or woman) will do this.

1. They ask money from you saying they want to give you their entire property or wealth but, for that you need to send a processing fee.

2. They offer you any job abroad like a nurse or a nanny, and you need to send money for the processing fee.

3. They will send you a package or a gift of expensive things but, you need to send money to pay the custom fees.

4. They will tell you their sad and the most bizarre life story to gain your sympathy and then ask you for money.

5. Some scammers are very intelligent and they do not ask you on any of these things early in the conversation but, they want your PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL. They win your trust and then they reveal their true intentions. So, always remember the tips from #1 to 4.

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